Graphic Design

Your brand is more than your logo.

How would your clients describe your business? Cutting-edge? Reliable? Outdated? If those descriptors aren’t in line with your goals, graphic design and marketing can improve your organization’s image. In other words, we make you look good. And that is always a good thing.
Graphic design is at the heart of everything we do at Vivid Creative, from Web development and design to logos and business cards to printed and electronic media such as catalogs, brochures, and advertisements.
But we’re not just a “put this line there and this logo here” kind of shop. Before we even begin working, we like to talk with our clients. We want to know your short-term and long-term objectives, what your audience(s) currently thinks of your brand or image, your position in the marketplace, and where you want to go. Because answers to all of these questions inform the fonts, colors, and graphic elements used and make it easier to create the foundation on which to build your project across all channels of communication. That means good conversations, personalized service and, more importantly, fewer revisions. Plus, our established relationships with excellent print shops ensure that you get the best prices and the best presentation for your printed piece. And we handle all of it, especially letterpress business cards, notecards and invitations, spot color, and foil stamping (our printers can also accommodate pieces that require offset printing as well as digital printing).
Beyond design, our integrated team includes copywriters, so we can help develop that hook or tagline that perfectly summarizes your business. Consistent messaging is as critical for your image as it is for your campaign. Mixed messages are the harbingers of failure, and for us, that is just not an option. Along with experienced designers and writers, our custom illustrators can bring to life what may be only a vague idea in your mind. We’ve done it time and time again. We are especially adept at understanding your business goals and assisting in creating concepts that quickly convey the passion and essence of your organization.
All in all, our cumulative experience creating marketing pieces, executing marketing campaigns, building Websites, and illustrating logos and other pieces inform each conversation with our clients. All roads lead to an improved perception of your business, which means more customers and a better brand impression—elements your business needs for success and longevity in the marketplace. So whether you’re just starting to build your company or are celebrating your 20th year in business, let’s talk about your needs. Contact us today.


Did you know that a 30-second TV commercial during the Superbowl costs on average of $4 million? Chances are that is a bit outside your budget but it really speaks to the effectiveness and competitiveness of advertising. Companies are all vying for facetime with their audiences whether through commercials, print ads or digital impressions. It is time to get creative.
Here at Vivid we are convinced that all things must be done with a purpose and a strategy. We assess your brand, your audience and your message and collaborate with you to create a compelling campaign. We then determine the appropriate outlets and of course follow the ads closely to make sure that every possible return is being made on your investment.
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