A Brand takes time and effort to mold it into an identifiable entity. It takes even more time and effort to build it into something that people can relate to, something memorable and timeless. But you are not alone in this great and rewarding effort. Our team of designers, content writers, brand strategists, web developers and illustrators are ready to come alongside you and help you mold your own unique and stand-out brand. We have developed three branding packages that will allow you to choose which investment and deliverables are the best fit for your business.
The Brand Workshop package examines each aspect of your brand from various angles. We begin with a survey sent to stakeholders in the company, clients and staff to assess the current perception of the brand. In the first of three branding sessions our Brand Strategist will guide you and your team through the services you offer, which price point your business fits into, your target audiences and current clients, and your various competitors. The second session will address where you see your business going (your dream business), company values, your brand experience, the appropriate brand words, look and feel that defines your business, the psychology of color and what it says about your company. The third session will work through your elevator pitch, tagline, marketing platforms and outlets, brand voice and tone and the details that keep your brand consistent. This package also includes the comprehensive branding pieces; a logo, tagline, brand positioning statement, color palette, visual identity guide, messaging style guide, business toolbox, brand experience opportunities, and brand launch insights.