There is a lot that goes into your brand and keeping track of everything can get a bit hairy. That is why we recommend a Brand Guideline. This document can be a tremendous help when you have multiple team members who represent your brand.
A Brand Guideline is a single document that shows your logo and all of its forms (black and white, single color, with the tagline, without the tagline, etc.), your fonts, your colors (PMS, CMYK, RGB), as well as your photography styles. The guideline can also include your messaging parameters such as; do you use Street or St., do you use dashes or dots in your phone numbers, do you allow conjunctions or prefer separate words, etc.
Not sure you have all the pieces to put into a Brand Guideline? Check out our Brand Workshops! They have been set up so that you work through each and every piece of your brand with our team so that you go forward with confidence that your brand is not only effective but also timeless.