Developing a brand that is cohesive, strong, effective and lasting takes more than just effort. It takes experience, strategy and collaboration. Our team at Vivid Creative has all three. We understand that a brand is more than a logo and a name.
Your brand is made up of a lot of different moving parts; the visuals such as the logo, advertising templates, website design, typography or fonts, as well as the messaging such as the tagline, advertising content, website content, etc. Each piece is complementary to each other through a cohesive vision and strategy so that when they are each applied you end up with one entity, one brand.
Don’t feel overwhelmed! We have developed brand workshops that help you work through each and every piece with our team. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? View our workshop options here!


Research & Discovery
In the Research phase we dive into your offerings/products and brainstorm ways that you can stand out to your customers. We also identify your different audiences and how those markets affect your business. Finally, we address your various competitors and exactly how your business differentiates itself.
Concept & Creative Direction
The visual identity of the brand comes next. We create concepts and establish the creative direction based on what we learned in the discovery phase. The concepts and creative direction are shown to you even before the designing begins.
We then sketch, sketch some more, put the sketches into Illustrator and sketch a bit more. All our logos are assessed and reviewed using the principles of design, balance, proportion, simplicity, style, type, uniqueness, scalability and hierarchy. Our logos generally include the logomark, logotype, an alternate submark and the logo with tagline.
Once a design has been chosen we then prepare all of the various files and items needed to launch the new brand. This is the phase in which we implement the brand into any business materials such as business cards, letterhead, website, brochures, e-mail template, social media platforms, signage, etc.
Finally, the brand is ready to meet its audience. We work closely with you to strategize the most effective launch plan and provide support on implementation and ongoing management of your brand.